Wings Over the Americas Lands on Avenue D!

WGRL went to the birds literally when we had a visit last Spring with one of the most inspiring guests we have had the pleasure to host – Zacchaeus the Merlin Falcon! Zacchaeus arrived at the studio with his equally inspiring human, migratory bird specialist Jo Santiago. After a program educating our girls and the community about birds of prey and introducing us to a few more of her feathered friend including an American Bald Eagle, Zaccheaus and Jo came up to the WGRL HQ for an intimate heartfelt chat. Take a listen to hear how a New York City girl followed her dreams and passions and now lives a life beyond her wildest dreams. Inspiring listening for all ages and Zacchaeus even gets a word or two in! Special shout out to the U.S. Forest Service and the Wings Across the Americas program for making this phenomenal visit possible!