Dread Scott — Revolutionary Artist Speaking Truth to Power

On our recent trip to New Orleans, we had the extreme pleasure of running into activist and artist Dread Scott at Paper Machine, an art gallery-print shop-artist studio in the Lower 9th Ward.

Dread was gracious enough to grant us an interview and spoke eloquently about his mission to make revolutionary art to propel history forward and how that manifests in his work.

Dread also told us about his latest project taking place in November of this year. The Slave Rebellion Reenactment is a community-engaged performance that will bring to life a suppressed history of people with an audacious plan to organize, take up arms, and seize Orleans Territory. In this area of land stretching across most of present day Louisiana, the rebels of the 1811 uprising were determined to fight not just for their own emancipation, but to end slavery.  It is a project that will animate a revolutionary vision of freedom that creates a space for viewers and participants to dream: What if …?

We learned a lot in our conversation and are quite motivated by the way Dread Scott uses his voice and his art as a tool against oppression.