Women’s March

Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sophie Flicker – Women’s March and Beyond

We were thrilled to have a few of the organizers behind the Women’s March, Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sophie Flicker in the studio a few months back for a behind the scenes glimpse into “the March Heard Around the World”. Meet The Women’s March team here and become a part of this important movement for social justice and change in these challenging times by checking out their latest actions, like Power to the Polls,  This coordinated campaign will build upon the Women’s March’s ongoing work uplifting the voices and campaigns of the nation’s most marginalized communities to create transformative social and political change.
We are so grateful that these busy ladies took time out of their schedule to speak with us about their work and inspire us to speak out about the changes we would like to see in our world.


WGRL in Washington DC for the Women’s March

Get on the Bus! January 21st we did just that – taking a group of 50 young women, Moms and supporters to the historic Women’s March on Washington D.C.!!!

Take a listen to our WGRL girl-powered podcast coverage below and get an idea of what it was like to join close to a million people coming together in solidarity for peace, justice and human rights.

It was a truly empowering moment and inspired us to commit ourselves to the work of making this world a place where all people especially young women and girls feel valued, welcome and safe!